10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the 10 most common diseases that afflict man. Unfortunately, men often are not aware of him until the disease is spread and more difficult to treat. This could be due to too many symptoms. At least, there is a way to recognize the symptoms of prostate cancer. Let us look at the following signs and symptoms:

1. Difficult urination

Could be a feeling of wanting to urinate but nothing comes out, stop when you're urinating, there is still a feeling of wanting to urinate or have to travel frequently to the toilet to urinate due out a little bit. This phenomenon is due to enlargement of the prostate gland is around the urinary tract due to a tumor in it so disturbing voiding process. The prostate gland will be greater with age a person. So check with your doctor to distinguish whether only prostate enlargement or cancer.

2. Pain during urination

This problem is also due to prostate tumors that suppress the urinary tract. However, pain can also be a symptom of prostate infection called prostatitis. It could also be a sign of prostate hyperplasia is not cancerous.

3. Bleeding during urination

These symptoms are rare, but should not be ignored. Immediately see a doctor even if only a little blood ejected, or only faint faint pink. Sometimes a urinary tract infection can also cause these symptoms.

4. Hard erection or sustain an erection

Prostate tumors may cause blood flow to the penis which should increase the time of the erection becomes blocked so hard erection. Could also cause an erection can not ejaculate after. But once again, an enlarged prostate may cause these symptoms.

5. Blood in semen

These symptoms, such as blood in the urine, may arise not so clear. Blood in large quantities and not just cause the color changed to pink. Still worth on alert.

6. Difficult defecation and no other gastrointestinal problems

The prostate gland is located below the bladder and in front of the rectum. As a result, when there is impaired intestinal tumors. But remember, difficult defecation Persistent could also lead to an enlarged prostate gland due to pressure on a continuous basis. Difficult defecation and gastrointestinal disorders may also indicate colon cancer.

7. Continuous pain in the lower back, pelvis or upper thighs

Frequently, prostate cancer spreads in these regions, ie at the lower back, pelvis and hip pain that is difficult to explain in this section can be a sign of disturbance

8. Frequent urination at night

If you often wake up at night more than once just to urinate, check immediately to the doctor.

9. Urine dripping or not strong enough

These symptoms similar to urinary incontinence (wetting). Urine can not be held until slowly out and drip. Or if it was not strong enough flow out.

10. The age of 50 and have risk factors

Because it does not cause symptoms, men who have risk factors should be screened routinely. These risk factors include a family member who had cancer, especially if it's the father, obesity / overweight and smoking is a risk factor for prostate cancer.

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