Useful Tips to Help You Find a Suitable Nursing Home for the Elderly

Finding the right nursing home facility is a daunting task. It is one of the most important decisions older adults and their families have to make. Families have to make sure they will choose the right facility that will continue to make improvements in the lives of their elderly. One that will make them feel "at home".

Finding a good nursing home is not easy, and often people are under a lot of pressure to react quickly due to a recent relatives hospitalisation or deterioration in a loved ones condition. The more information you can get, the greater chance you will have in finding a suitable nursing home.

Before you go to the facilities, write down all the questions in your mind. Make sure these queries are based on your concerns. You need to ensure your parent gets the kind of attention and care he or she needs.

Useful Tips to Help You Find a Suitable Nursing Home for the Elderly

To ensure that your loved one is getting the best possible care, consider these initial steps:
  • Get an attorney for medical care. This will help you review medical records and make health care decisions for your loved one.
  • Request for a complete list of facility profiles from your local state health department.
  • After choosing potential centers, visit them one by one. Pay attention to staffing levels and the various recreational activities they have to keep the residents mentally and physically engaged.
  • Review their admission agreement.
  • Be involved in care conferences. Know the plans the facility has for your loved one. Take seriously any complaints of mistreatment and do not be intimidated by threats from the facility. Report them immediately to your state licensing office.
  • Find out what the employees like and don't like about their working environment and employer. The attitude and contentment of the staff will have a direct affect on the care and attention your loved one will receive.
A good nursing home should provide its residents with stimulating activities that would meet the various needs of the people in their care. These can be done individually or in groups. Consider some of these:
  • Social Activities. These activities are designed to keep residents engaged, entertained and at the same time, offer physical and mental benefits. It ranges from birthday parties, ice cream socials, tail gate parties, story time, and musical events to holiday programs and food-centered activities.
  • Physical Activities. These types of activities are designed to promote physical and mental health of the elderly. It includes morning exercises, resistance training, sensory stimulation, pet therapy and gardening.
  • Crafts. Crafts provide entertainment and artistry. It can also contribute to the resident's sense of accomplishment and purpose that can be very beneficial to their state of mind. These activities include sewing, rug hooking, finger painting, knitting and crocheting, leather crafts, and holiday ornaments.

Considering a nursing home for your loved one is a serious decision -- one that must be made with as much information as possible. Knowing what to look for in a facility, the questions to ask, and what residents are entitled to are all necessary.

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